The Ride: Part4 - Home...Oakland

We left the Headlands just as the sun was starting to dip. Michael, Lee and Pretty Ricky split off and turned towards the City, while Max, Brad, 'lil Sara and myself made our way back towards Oakland. It was the end of a beautiful day in the Bay area, and traffic was starting to back up...not a problem for these skinny old bikes - they where practically made for splitting lanes. Brad and 'lil Sara managed to find an opening in traffic, and decided to screw it on...throttles pinned, engines screaming...hold it until you reach the Ton!
Our last stop was the little coffee shop we had left from 5 hours earlier...but it all felt a little different now. This time I wasn't among strangers, I was now with good friends.
It had been a special day, because you see, what we had done was ride our bikes - and that's what it's all about, eh?

And so much for that...


  1. fantastic photos mate.

    and not just because that un-photogenic m.schaaf is in some either...

    we love looking at shots of rides like that with multiple bikes here in australia....cause its a rare happening here...



  2. Thanks Matt!
    Yeah, that Schaaf guy is a rotten, scurvy Shyster...

  3. Outstanding photos. How you getting that Kodachrome feel? I'm digging it.

  4. ;)

    the "under the bridge" pic..
    stolen & reblogged!