The Ride: Part2 - Bolinas

After a short break at San Quentin, we saddled up to make our way toward the coast. We were now heading into some of the most beautiful country northern California has to offer.
Our next stop was Bolinas - a tiny community along hwy.1.
When we got there, we stopped at Smiley's, the local saloon, which is the kind of place that has a good selection of Merle Haggard in the Juke Box...
We had some beers, played some pool, talked shit and told lies. It was at that time that I noticed things starting to get a little weird! Brad had lost his underwear and Max was talking in sign language...from what I could tell, he was talking gibberish; and Pretty Ricky just sat back quietly and watched this strange scene unfold...
But before I could figure out this confusing situation, we where getting ready to hit the road again. No matter, I thought...
What I didn't know was what laid ahead - some of the "ugliest and tightest diminishing-radius loop turns since Genghis Khan invented the corkscrew" (Hunter S. Thompson)
More on that in Part 3...


  1. capturing golden moments.
    more to come i hope.
    day dream believers.

    good hair day

  2. you better believe it...Part 3 in the next day or two...

  3. Photos look great Micheal!! Had a blast riding with you.. glad my little crack problem didn't traumatize you too much

  4. Pure Jealously on all fronts....... Killer everything.

  5. I learned how to drive on those ugly loops. I get sweaty all over again just thinking about it.

  6. thanks everyone...

    Brad, it's all good...there may be some more photos of your crack problem in the last segment of this ride report...HA!

  7. Back In time !............really killer shots man .....

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