Camerabag.tv - Dan Martensen

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Dice Magazine

One late night, after several drinks at the Dresden, we stumbled over to the Dice office...


Kiyo's Knucklehead

Eat Dust...

Met Rob from Eat Dust Clothing last week when he came into town. Super cool guy...plus Rob and Keith make the best denim stuff out there! Go check them out: http://eatdustclothing.blogspot.com/


The Shakedown

Took the ironhead around the block a couple of times to see what's what.
Transmission is tight and engine strong. So far so good.
Front end felt loose (triple tree wasn't tight, eeehh), front brake not great-needs new pads and a new brake line; carb seems rich...plus a bunch of other small weird things.
But all in all, not too bad.

Photos by Homer and Jason


James Goldstein

This afternoon I got to do a little portrait session with James at his amazing house.
More to come when I get the B&W film back...


Funky Niblets

Sorry for the buggered up negatives...
This is what happens when you spill Red Bull on your negs- then let them bake in your car for a month.




uummm...not sure anything else needs to be said...