On Another Sunday

...So, I found myself, this past sunday, at a vintage motorcycle rally here in Venice, CA. Mostly old cafe racers: Triumph's, BSA's, BMW's plus a heap of Honda CB's and the odd vintage Harley. It brought back strange memories of a 1955 Triumph T110 I once owned. The T110 was the fastest production bike in its day -with a top speed of 110mph- it was truly a terrifying experience to ride on this savage brute! Prepare yourself: pure madness...!
Oddly enough, I was trying to get control over my archives last night, and found these old photographs I shot at the Garage Company - which builds some of the finest cafe racers...


Little Bastard

There are some things in life we don't need anymore, and this Olivetti Lettera 31 is one of them - but I love it anyway. I've been doing my correspondence on this treacherous little bastard over the last couple of weeks, and my forearms have grown to Popeye
proportions because of it.


Jazz Hands!

I was starting to settle into my groove. The Kinks where playing in the background and the camera was firing in perfect sync to "Lola"...when suddenly, out of nowhere, the model decides to do "Jazz Hands"...
Horror, confusion, fear and an extreme insult to the senses set in...