Greasy Granny

My days on the vintage race circuit are over. Had a lot of fun and thrills.
Flying down the track, throttle pinned at what seemed to be 100mph, on these old beasts was shear madness at times-but it did put a huge smile on your face...
In any case, banging bars with some of these lunatics has forged some memories I'll never forget.


SURFACE Magazine

Here is my latest editorial for SURFACE Magazine...


Brooklyn Invitational

Finally got my film developed...


KZ1000 Police Special

Yesterday, Jason's brute of a bike developed a strange cough and sputtering, so we figured it was time for a little maintenance. Changed the plugs and air filter, but it still ran like crap. The next logical step was to take a good dose of ether and pour it into the carbs - it seemed like a good idea at the time... Well, we ended up taking the engine apart!
It was a menacing task, so we called in Homer the "MoFo", for good measure. There is nothing quite like being hunched over for hours, wrenching on the floor with a good dose of ether in your nose and your limbs turning into noodles...
In any case, it appears that the problem was he had run out of gas.

PS: there was a strange smell of bacon when the cylinders came off...