1955 Triumph T110

The Triumph T110 was widely advertised as the fastest production bike in its day; so naturally I had to have one. Finding the bike was not so hard, but bringing her back from her long ugly history as a chopper during the 70's, was not quite as easy. Thank God for ebay!
I had made some slight design changes from the original during the restoration, and brought her back as a Cafe Racer -well, at least a slightly caffeinated version of the original. In any case, I rolled her out of the garage, took these 6 shots, and then it was time to screw it on... All I remember from this first ride was the terror and fear. Riding this bike at speed is like getting a kick to the groin - you stop breathing and your eyes start to water...

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On the trail of Harvey Mushman: Mescalito 1970

It was early morning in the Chihuahan desert, and there were signs that we might be losing control of the situation. The race was about to start and we couldn't figure out where to go...
Just then -out of nowhere- a man appeared and pointed us in the right direction. They called him Harvey, but his real name was Steve.
As we set off to the starting line, Roger turned to me and said " We'll need more drink to survive this thing - and we'll have to arm ourselves." Why not, it seemed reasonable...