Toronto Indy

While in Toronto a few weeks back, I snuck into the practice session of one of the support races for the Toronto Indy.
I managed to snap a couple of frames before I got escorted out...


Algonquin: Showdown with Sasquatch

It was almost three in the morning when I finally fell asleep the first night in my screened in logging tent. Strange and menacing sounds, unknown to me, where all around me...The bastards had surrounded me!
I'm not talking about the boogie man or any sort of made up freaky little fruitbags - hell no - this is Big Foot country, and I was in his back yard!
The forest was alive and the foul musty odor of the beast was getting stronger. We were hostages in our own tent. But we had one weapon - we had fire. Well, I had my zippo, some candles and a carton of smokes...

It was all nonsense, of course, but so what?
Turns out it was just a bunch of Bull frogs and a baby Moose...


Algonquin: TWB?

Paulo cooked up something special for this october. That's right, Jack! - Two Wheels Brazil
Sunshine, beaches, Motorcycles...well...count me in on that one.
Now go and get yourself some tickets for Brazil before I put the leeches on you...

WHMC forever!


Algonquin: The Good Life

So, as I mentioned in my earlier post, I've been off the grid for 2 weeks. And when I say "off the grid" I mean: no internet, no email, no cell phone, no television...
That's right buster, I'm not some amateur dilettante!
We bathed in the lake, ate by a fire, told stories (mostly lies) and slept amongst the beasts.


Algonquin: Dave Standfield

The last 2 weeks were fast ones.
Things were getting a little queasy around here, so I headed north and east - for professional reasons, of course.
My first stop was in Algonquin Park, Canada, and the photos below are the first from that series.
Some of the most epic locations in Algonquin can only be reached by boat, and what better way to do that than by canoe.
Dave still makes them one at a time - and by hand.


Issue 39

Well, here it is...My cover shot for the latest Dice Magazine issue.
I guess it's old news by now, but I have been off the grid for the last 2 weeks...more about that later.
Hope you guys like it.


Back on the Road: Toronto-Montana-LA

I'm heading out in the morning and will be gone for the next 2 weeks...
So I leave you with a few images from the other day. Eddie Cleveland showed up at the ATR headquarters for an impromptu session...


Half Cocked with ATR

...the worst dudes ever...


The Survivor

This series was supposed to be the last of the "Born Free or Bust" series, but I ran out of time...
In any case, that pre unit triumph that Eric is riding is what you might call a "barn find". Well, it wasn't so much a barn as it was the VA Hospital. Yeah, that's right, the veterans hospital! It had been sitting next to some beds under some blankets for something like 20 years. Untouched with some mystery oil in it...
So, as these stories go, Eric picked it up for less than some peoples bar tabs, took it home, replaced the fluids, tickled the carb, kicked the little bastard a couple of times...and wouldn't you know it...started right up!
And so much for that...