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Alright folks...anti up and get in on this! It's for a good cause and only costs $5!!!
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Gypsy Run: Day 3 - Narrowsburg, NY

A small group of us stayed behind at the first camp site to enjoy some sun, watch Jimmy fish and drink some espressos...
Matt took off for a meeting in the city and the rest of us eventually made our way toward the second camp site in Narrowsburg.
I'm too tired to make up some silly story - so I'll leave it at that...

Gypsy Run: Day 3 - Jimmy Monk

More of Jimmy from the Invitational later...
See Matt's phone pic from the last shot over here.


Gypsy Run: Day 3 - Lakeville, PA

There where little bonfires on the hillsides that first night as people settled in and pitched their tents.
Beer and pizza was served, courtesy of Kickstart and sponsors.
The rest of the night was spent in front of fires. Lies where told and plans for the next days route where hatched. By 2am I finally gave up and decided to call it a night...but people where out there muttering at each other all night long. Nothing a couple of shots of whiskey won't cure...


Gypsy Run: Day 2 - Cool Beans

A hand full of us stayed at Walter's place the first night...that's when we figured out why they call him "Martha" - and it's not because of his girlish figure...
In any case, kick off was at Cool Beans Coffee Shop the next morning and I'm estimating about 80 bikes left from there to our first camp ground in Pennsylvania. Some of us got separated from the pack early on, but that's another story...


Gypsy Run: Day 1 - Fair Lawn, NJ

The sun came up bright and hot that morning. The storm was over and the bike prep was in full swing at Kickstart.

I had met Walt "Martha" Gemeinhardt earlier this year in Mexico, and plans for me to come out and do his Gypsy Run had been hatched back then.

That morning in Jersey, all the bikes from the west coast where starting to arrive at the shop and the place was filling up with the usual players...that is until this certain 68 Shovel showed up with canadian plates! We came to know him as Vancouver Chris. Somehow, he had heard about the Gypsy Run and Brooklyn Invitational, and decided to have a go at it. Unfortunately, the long miles had done a number on his old motor and the bike was burning as much oil as gas...

Oh yeah, that bone stock, brand spanking new looking 1982 Sturgis, is Matt's new ride...ain't he a stinker!