Gypsy Run: Day 1 - Fair Lawn, NJ

The sun came up bright and hot that morning. The storm was over and the bike prep was in full swing at Kickstart.

I had met Walt "Martha" Gemeinhardt earlier this year in Mexico, and plans for me to come out and do his Gypsy Run had been hatched back then.

That morning in Jersey, all the bikes from the west coast where starting to arrive at the shop and the place was filling up with the usual players...that is until this certain 68 Shovel showed up with canadian plates! We came to know him as Vancouver Chris. Somehow, he had heard about the Gypsy Run and Brooklyn Invitational, and decided to have a go at it. Unfortunately, the long miles had done a number on his old motor and the bike was burning as much oil as gas...

Oh yeah, that bone stock, brand spanking new looking 1982 Sturgis, is Matt's new ride...ain't he a stinker!

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  1. man I love that new paint on JD's bike. looks like y'all had a great time