Field Tested: Nikon F3

This old F3 was my first real camera...and still is one of my favorites 20 years later. It's now my dedicated B&W film camera.


DicE Magazine - Issue 46: Jason Jessee

Road Tested: Joe King Helmet

I love my Joe King helmet! Fits better than any helmet I've ever owned... If you're looking for a new lid, check them out here.


Road Tested: Eat Dust Vest - Fit 736

Well, by now, anyone that's been on this blog knows about Eat Dust - so there is really no point in writing any of this...except to add, it's made of the good stuff by good folks. Leather pull over shirt by Odyn Vovk.


Road Tested: Eat Dust - Fit 73

My favorite jeans after about one year... Oil and grease stained after thousands of miles on the bike. Jeans and Wallet by Eat Dust, Langlitz belt, Belt buckle by Repop Mfg, Kershaw pocket knife, Zippo lighter...


Loser Machine give away...

Alright folks...Loser Machine has put a nice little package together to give away for the Brooklyn screening. Go here to check it out


NYC: 6 Over premier, Brooklyn Invitational and Prints

Well folks, it's almost that time again... Gonna head out to NY for the Brooklyn Invitational to hang and sell some prints, but this time there's something quite special. Loser Machine, Kickstart Cycle and DicE are going to do a proper theatrical screening of my film! So do yourself a favor and head out to NY next week... Here are some of the prints I made for the show...there will be more, but those will be a surprise...



The day I'll never forget...