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HassyLA.com - Road Trip

Hasseyblad H4D - Road Trip from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

Last weeks trip to Phoenix started out normal enough. I went through my regular checklist when going on the road - but there are special requirements when the desert is involved. Water, blankets, rubbing alcohol and a pair of latex gloves were added to the mix.

I got off to a late start; try finding a gun on a thursday morning in Hollywood...(but that's another story). Once I hit the freeway and got out of the treacherous LA traffic, I set my cruise control to 100mph to make up for some lost time. But by the time I hit Palm Springs, strange things where starting to happen... Menacing clouds, rainbows and a foul odor were surrounding me. I realized what had happened right away and pulled over before things got ugly. I keep a bottle of ether in the car (just behind the drivers seat), to prime the carburettor of my vintage motorcycle. While packing the car, I managed to knock it over and it slowly started leaking into the carpet. Anyone who's been around ether can tell you that it will turn you into a complete lunatic in no time...

My memories of the next part of the trip are extremely hazy...Rotten stuff!


HassyLA.com - Architecture

Hasselblad H4D Architecture Shoot from Michael Schmidt on Vimeo.

A few days ago I got a call from one of my clients to do an architectural photoshoot in Phoenix Arizona. Perfect! Road trip, plus I get to use the H4D-40 in yet another capacity. So on my way out, I went by Samy’s Camera, and got me something quite special – the 28mm lens plus the tilt shift adaptor.

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HassyLA.com - In Studio

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HassyLA.com - Maya...

Here are some quick snaps with the H4D-40 from this morning. More on this at HassyLA.com


HassyLA.com - a teaser...

It's early morning in LA. The sun has barely broken and the 405 freeway is already jammed with cars. I'm driving to some strange location in Bel Air and my GPS, unaware of the savage traffic conditions, is predicting a 15 minute drive...right! I pull up to 420 Mescalito Way, where a pair of menacing black steel gates open magically as I pull up. I reach for my GPS to turn it off and manage to knock it off the windshield. As the unit falls, it bounces against the dashboard and somehow turns the radio volume all the way up! There is nothing like entering the quiet community of Bel Air with Sympathy for the Devil going at full blast! In this moment of confusion, I hadn't noticed the brutal roar of Chip's Cafe Racer as he pulled in behind me - all I saw was the horror on the location owner's face as we approached the mansion...

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HassyLA.com - H4D-40

So I have some exciting news today...
Hasselblad decided to give me the new H4D-40 to use for a full month! All I have to do in return is use it and post on HassyLA
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The pic below is one of the first images I shot with this amazing piece of kit.

This is Scarlett with ELITE