Algonquin: Showdown with Sasquatch

It was almost three in the morning when I finally fell asleep the first night in my screened in logging tent. Strange and menacing sounds, unknown to me, where all around me...The bastards had surrounded me!
I'm not talking about the boogie man or any sort of made up freaky little fruitbags - hell no - this is Big Foot country, and I was in his back yard!
The forest was alive and the foul musty odor of the beast was getting stronger. We were hostages in our own tent. But we had one weapon - we had fire. Well, I had my zippo, some candles and a carton of smokes...

It was all nonsense, of course, but so what?
Turns out it was just a bunch of Bull frogs and a baby Moose...


  1. fuck I feel 10000 times more relaxed just looking at that place and knowing it exists... what an awesome spot

  2. I regret to inform your that the Sasquatch is found only my province, British Columbia. No self respecting Sasquatch would waste any time in Ontario let alone Algonquin Park.:)