KZ1000 Police Special

Yesterday, Jason's brute of a bike developed a strange cough and sputtering, so we figured it was time for a little maintenance. Changed the plugs and air filter, but it still ran like crap. The next logical step was to take a good dose of ether and pour it into the carbs - it seemed like a good idea at the time... Well, we ended up taking the engine apart!
It was a menacing task, so we called in Homer the "MoFo", for good measure. There is nothing quite like being hunched over for hours, wrenching on the floor with a good dose of ether in your nose and your limbs turning into noodles...
In any case, it appears that the problem was he had run out of gas.

PS: there was a strange smell of bacon when the cylinders came off...


  1. ahhhhhhhh......muuuuuuudddaaaaa fffffffuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkaaaaaa!!!!!!

    curley balls

  2. thought i was going to learn something when i began to read story but that ran out of gas