The Ride: Part3 - Marin Headlands

Smiley's was great, but what waited ahead of us was even better. The next stretch of HWY 1 can only be described as the perfect motorcycling road. Oh sure, it can scare the whimpering shit out of you, but if you get it right, and hit your rhythm on these treacherous little twisties...Ho Ho...it's better than any medication you can get your hands on!
Some of you might think: Right, you guys are on 50 year old bikes with hard-tails, vintage tires and brakes from the last century - well Bubba, I'm here to tell you that's no handicap for this group! These are motorcycle folk! And, make no mistake, the ride was spirited and quick into the corners.
In any case, our next stop was the Marin Headlands. An amazing place, with a view of the Golden Gate, and a menacing 18% grade entrance. Max and Michael decided to coast that entrance with their engines off and take in the view of the bay...the perfect way to end this leg of the ride; well almost...

Stay tuned for the final leg of the ride...


  1. you can probably tell by his hand jive in the top photo that Michael is telling me " listen this schlep has been easy so far you meshuggener now lets kill the brakes and the let the narrischkeit

  2. i just cant pick one...
    many nice shots!

    it seems u had a great time too!


  3. Superbe blog, superbes photos..


  4. you haven't lived until you've ridden hwy 1 at a speed that is just beyond the capabilities of you and your bike. great fun. Thanks for sharing your excellent photos.