The Ride: Part1 - San Quentin

Just before our ear-splitting departure from Oakland, we had all met at a local hang-out for the 4Q posse...
We had coffee, checked out each others rides and strategized on how to bomb the Richmond bridge without paying toll. Since the reach to cover my plate was too long for me, Brad offered to ride close behind, so the cameras wouldn't see my plate. Problem was, his throttle stuck wide open - and between slipping his clutch, stabbing at the rear brake and keeping proper distance, he still managed to cover me without taking me out! Nice riding, brother...
San Quentin was our first stop, where Max and Brad fixed the throttle cable and Max did his best impression of a Seal on the rocks...
Stay tuned for Part2 of the ride...


  1. What film stock is that?

    That shit looks amazing!!!

    They look like they just got pulled from Pop's box of biker memorabilia collecting dust in the attic.

  2. Hey Michael!

    Seams you had an amazing time in the east bay!
    Nice shots man!
    wish I could ride with you all sometime...