Today was a good day. Drove out to Bakersfield to check out the 1970 RT-1 360 and it was all I could hope for...well almost. It needs a little bit of work, but it runs and is in great shape. It even fit in the back of the SUV! So now I'm stalking ebay for the parts that I need to complete it and then off to the DMV. I guess it's sort of a birthday present for myself...turning 41 tomorrow...actually today! hhhmmm...is this my midlife crisis?

I need to convince Jackson and Carlos to get bikes now as well...
Are you guys reading this? Get some damn bikes already!

Shooting Teela from Photogenics on thursday...I guess I should think about that. Should also think about my shoot next week. Still need a location for that. That shoot is with Patricia De Leon, for Mexican Vogue and a cover for LA Health magazine.

Here is another landscape shot.

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