Art in the age of mechanical reproduction

I went to Photo LA today. Kind of a ritual for me to go every year. I do it mainly to see what the art world is up to, and also to see prints! Images are so accessible nowadays, but we usually only see them on a screen. The whole idea of the work to have a presence and unique existence at a place, has been lost for the most part. The mode of our sense perception, since Walter Benjamin wrote his essay on art, has changed dramatically.

So, the litmus test has been: which print would I grab and run and take the risk of becoming the headline in the morning edition "Photographer steals worthless reproduction. Blames vicodin for the incident"

I did see some work I enjoyed. Mainly prints by Lillian Bassman.

This is a shot of Megan for the Surface Avantguardian competition a couple of years ago.

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