Best shot ever...

So I shot with Teela from Photogenics today. The shoot was a little out of the ordinary today. Somehow I ended up with all sorts of constraints. Call time was at noon. Giovanni, the hair stylist, had to leave by 3:30pm. Vanessa, the wardrobe stylist, wouldn't be there until 1:30pm (she actually managed to get there by noon), and Teela managed to be over an hour late...I kept busy by riding the motorcycle around the block while waiting...HA!
To make things more interesting, I decided to use only the 4x5 camera and shoot my last 20 sheets of color polaroids. So we had to get it all with 20 or less shots, kind of a nice exercise in economy of shots when in this digital age you can just keep shooting until the odds are that you have a good shot.
...oh, and I only had one lens.
Here is the very first shot I took...Jackson thought it may be the best shot I've ever taken...

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