Born Free or Bust: Eddie Cleveland

So, here we are. Born Free 3 is less than a week away and people all around, tucked away in little garages, are working on getting their scoots ready for the show. We've all been introduced to some of the builders that will be there, but there are hundreds of us regular folk that are working on bikes to get us there as well. My next few posts will feature a handful of those guys...
Here is Eddie with his 74 Ironhead. He's been working on this bike for months, and let me tell you, it hasn't been easy.
Just as we pulled up to this location, he lost power and had to coast it to our spot...
Blown front piston and some fried wires.


  1. rad, dudes make it happen. thanks to all the dudes, including you michael!

  2. thats a slippery lookin sportster... such rad photos

  3. Got it purring today first kick, Hopefully it holds up. Thanks Jason for the pullbacks and other shit. also, mike you are a photo god.