Born Free or Bust: Davey Cooperwasser

It was just before midnight when I decided to do a late night shoot. Midnight is not a late hour for some people, but they tend to be a special breed...Davey is one of them.
He got this '69 Triumph in pieces and decided to have a go at it. Engine rebuild (with the help of this video), minor fab work, and many trips to the swap meet, the bike is now running!
Sure, there are still some things that need to get sorted, but then again, who needs a continuously shining headlight - that just shortens the life of the bulb...


  1. i hate all these terms stand up guy, ruler, king, etc. so i will make up my own. this kid is a herpe. cause not matter matter how many times his bike tried to get rid of him by not working he kept coming back for more. eddie is aids. if you give these guys 50 cent beer koozie they will love you forever.

  2. blahahaha. poetic