Born Free 4 - the ride home...

Well, what can I say...the show was epic. Had a great ride out with a few friends, that's until my bike decided to make a huge ruckus, then quit with a few hundred yards to go...more on that later. The day before the show is always my favorite. Relaxed with only a few friends. You get to hang out, see some of the showbikes without the crowds, meet new people, tell lies and camp. All good stuff...


  1. Bikes are just a cover for the lies, always has been . . . cool shots, ta.

  2. Michael! Your a zen master! Epic pics...setting the bar high - as usual. Had a blast hanging with you. Glad your shovel is back in ACTION! Brad - W.H.C.D.

  3. yer pics always wanna make me runaway on my bike