Canadian Rockies...

Landscapes are usually a bit of a snooze for me, but once I saw this stuff in front of me, I just couldn't help it.
In any case, we flew into Calgary and made our way to Banff to stock up on some proper clothing and Red Bulls. Unfortunately, the rental car was all wrong for these epic mountain roads. A 68 Mustang 3 speed would have been better...but more about that car in an upcoming post.
Anyway, it was probably for the best that we had some heavy white and painfully slow SUV - drifting thru one of these curves like a slot car is fun for sure, until you come up on some Bull Elk at full throttle...


  1. Love these photographs... been there in 2003 and can still remember how fabulous I thought those landscapes were... still do :-)

  2. Jesus dude! Ansel would be proud!

  3. haha, at first I was like wtf, schmidt hates wanna be ansel adams. . . dig the profiles in the snow