It was last year, in some god forsaken place in Mexico, when I met Ryan. He was riding his Knucklhead thru Mexico on the El Diabolo Run, and in search of Viagra in the Mexican pharmacies.
In any case, a few weeks back, Austin and Ryan got hit by a car while riding their scoots. Austin walked away pretty banged up, but Ryan broke his tib and fib and is going in for surgery tomorrow. His bike, The Candy Man, will need some surgery as well...
I'll have one of the photos below up for sale at the next DICE party at the end of the month. It will be a limited edition and the money will go to Ryan to help pay for bills.
Get well soon brother...


  1. Man, i want that one with him and the springer.

  2. Thanks Michael hey I still got that single Viagra pill that I smuggled back from Mexico maybe we should raffle it off. Remember I like my coffee with sugar and tea!

  3. Ahh man makes me cringe, just broke my tib fib last weekend and got a rod in there now. out for 3 months