Born Free 3: part 3

At 10am the gates opened to everyone. It was at this time that we all started to realize the shear madness of it all. Bikes just started showing up by the hundreds - it was relentless...
It still boggles the nerves to consider how many amazing vintage bikes made it to the show from all corners of the world.
The numbers where staggering and it all became a little confusing...where to turn, what to take a picture of...it was savage...
I actually had to put my cameras down for a few hours just to be able to figure it out...


  1. you need to come up for motoGP

  2. indeed...
    I need to get a pit pass for the good stuff.

  3. amazing pictures man,,im inspired to really figure out my ol Nikon,,ive been shooting film just one pure luck.